Betsy Alison Shows how to Achieve Goal

As the exploration for address disparities and gender equality has started within the sailing sports, some role models who have been successful in conquering the existing barriers show how gender diversity can be heightened. Betsy Alison is one of the great examples in the United States of America. She has won the Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year five times. She is also an inductee in the National Hall of Fame for sailing. She is currently working as the Chairperson of the Para World Sailing Committee and as the Adult Programs Director for USA Sailing.

Betsy Alison sailed for the first time when she was 7 years old because of his father’s encouragement. She was grumpy at the beginning but gradually started to have fun sailing with her pals across the Barnegat Bay. She was always a successful local sailor but never thought of making it her profession. In the year 1977, Betsy went to Tufts University which had the best sailing team in the entire country. After she lost her father, a friend convinced her to go sailing on the Upper Mystic Lake. It was the very first time that she realized her interest in sports. Continue reading “Betsy Alison Shows how to Achieve Goal”

Melges 20 Championship in Miami

The Melges 20 championship, a global fleet racing program, was held during the first weekend of April 2019 in Miami. The racing is characterized by ultra-tight races. Three days of races were completed by 6th April with every day showcasing a different leader. By Sunday it was still undecided as to who would gain the crown in the championship.

For instance, on 6th April it was found that Alessandro Rombelli was leading with his STIG team. First race on this day was won by Sam Barron-Fox, a fleet newcomer hailing from Colorado. The showing was great for BOO-FU team along with the warm welcome that they got. By end of Saturday races, the top four teams had ten points separating them.
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Fundraising Program Organized By Us Sailing Center Successful

The Martin County along with US Sailing Center and the team enthusiastic and devoted parents from different schools like Martin County, Jensen Beach, South Fork, The Pine, sailing team of Jupiter school and Westwood Academy/ Marine Oceanographic recently organized a fundraiser program. The day was windy, however, quite warm on Nov. 10. The fundraising program was successful and they collected a decent amount.

During the program, a small get together was arranged by the organizers and there were a variety of appetizers present to choose from. The drinks were also there at the house. Guests of the events participated in this silent auction and the wine lottery program. And they were entertained by the Drum band named as the PSDB and Shorebreak and Bimini Twist played music all through the evening.
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Silver Came To Gemma And Jason At Nacra 17

Jason Saunders and Gemma Jones are full of confidence and participated in the world sailing championship (WSC) after finishing in the second position in Nacra 17 European championships (N17EC), which held in Poland.

This is the tight battle for the gold title; the pair went into the final and performed really well. They comfortably secured the silver and were just two seconds back from the gold grabbers. Caterina Banti and Ruggero Tita, who are the combination from Italy has been the finest sailor of the Nacra 17 in the world all through the year, they won the gold medal with Tara Pacheco and Fernando Echavarri third from Spain.
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Storm Brian On Irish Coast

Dun Laoghaire was hit by Storm Brian this weekend and the sailing cruisers as well as dinghies that were on the waters ended up against the harbor walls. There were strong winds blowing in the northwesterly direction when Storm Brian started. The gusts were over 40 knots. There was a training group of sailors and a cruiser which got caught in the storm and was up against the wall by lunch time.


Those who witnessed the stormy conditions in this harbor area stated that there were four dinghies of the Optimist group that were found abandoned when the squall came by in the East Pier. The junior sailors who had been aboard these boats for training purposes had already come on safe ground. A sailing cruiser was also found on West Pier with a ground tackle that was broken. A launch was sent out to attend to this sailing cruiser which was founded by the West Pier wall. There were considerable activities noted on the turbulent waters here due to the storm. The Irish National Sailing and Powerboat School chief instructor issued a statement regarding these incidents. He informed that the weather forecast for Saturday had been adverse for which most water activities were cancelled for the weekend. There had been a small group of brightly colored crafts that were out on the waters for a short period of time on Saturday. There were also some power boats operating in the sheltered area of the inner harbor on Saturday morning. It was known that the weather conditions would change by late morning and hence, all personnel and staff were informed from before to stay alert.

He also emphasized that the crafts that were found to have been caught in the storm were not from this school, and hence they did not have any responsibility towards these vessels.

More Funds For Team New Zealand

Team New Zealand received a fund amount of five million so that they can boost their skills as well as infrastructure they need to defend the win, they gained in the recent America’s Cup event held in Bermuda waters.

The team’s win over Oracle Team USA was definitely a significant feather or achievement they have made.

The oldest trophy event in international sailing was obtained by the Emirates team New Zealand. They claimed a win of a score of 7-1 against the US trophy defenders in the waters of Bermuda’s Great Sound. The achievements were several of the team, including the fact that Peter Burling, the team’s youngest helmsman also secured the biggest prize. The win was definitely a stunning one that was welcomed by the officials who were behind the organization of the New Zealand team. It was a feel good, boost for them that came in their election year. Hence, the economic benefits that will flow in would also be significant, similar to the filming of the series Lord of the Rings. Continue reading “More Funds For Team New Zealand”

Sailing Rivals Become Partners

It is often said that when a problem is shared it becomes halved.

However, it might seem strange if not impossible that two rival teams who are part of the 52 Super Series would put their heads together to come up with the right strategies to win in such a contest. One of the shared visions is that the problems on waters affect all boats and understanding how obstacles can be overcome can be beneficial for all.

Quantum Racing and Platoon are two professional teams that have been topping this category for some time. However, as Ed Reynolds, president of Quantum Sails pointed out, he said that things had to be looked at differently. If one could look at other teams as partners, then one could work together to understand the challenges that exist and prevent teams from reaching success beyond a point. Continue reading “Sailing Rivals Become Partners”

Britain Wins 6 Medals

The sailors of Britain concluded their first and foremost World Cup regatta of the cycle in 2020 with 6 medals. The Sailing World Cup was drawn to a close on Sunday on Biscayne Bay.

However Saskia Tidey, the Irish Olympian was not a part of the medal achievers. He has now chosen to do a campaign for GB Team for Tokyo 2020. Tidey and her skipper Charlotte Dobson finished at 11th from 16th place.

The National Yacht Club champion Finn Lynch made his first entry in the World Cup in 2017 and was the youngest Olympic player in Rio. At the age of 20 he completed Miami World Cup by achieving the 34th position.

During the last couple of races played by him, he achieved good results in top 20 and also got a yellow flag at the beginning in one of the races. The native of Carlow says he is still hoping to see great results in the rest of the season, especially after they’ve ha a chance to practice on a Greece Yacht Charter in April. Continue reading “Britain Wins 6 Medals”

Noumea Race Back To CYCA Calendar

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) has announced the introduction of the Sydney Noumea Race in 2018.

The race has been reintroduced in the CYCA after the long break of 20 years. Information about the event is now available website of the club and it can be downloaded from there.

The race will be conducted and organized by CYCA in association with Cercle Nautique Caledonien (CNC). It will be a 1064 nautical mile race and will get started from Sydney Harbor on 2 June, 2018. The race is open to yachts of monohull that measures between 9 and 30.48 meters. It will also hold a cruising boat rally on the occasion. In addition to CYCA, Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane sailing clubs are also taking part in races to Noumea in tandem along with the Noumea Race of Sydney. Continue reading “Noumea Race Back To CYCA Calendar”

Adelaide Laser Nationals 2017 Entries

The Adelaide Sailing Club in South Australia will be conducting the Adelaide Laser Nationals 2017 from the December 28th, 2016 to January 4th, 2017. The entries for this event are now open and interested sailors can go to the website of the event and register their names.

The President of the South Australian Laser Association, Andrew Darcey, is a very happy man and is very much excited about this event, especially after the successful campaign that Australia had during the Rio Olympics. He feels that it is a great opportunity for people to see some of the best sailors of the world competes in this event. Australia has won the men’s Olympics gold medals for the past two times consecutively and thereby has the best laser sailing program in the whole world.

The Laser program has evolved over the years and has become one of the most sought after sailing events in South Australia, with the winners now also receiving a great prize of a week’s Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik to go with the title. It will showcase the best sailing athletes in the world and everyone will be showing on how to sail a laser in the waters of St. Vincent’s Gulf. The Adelaide Sailing Club offers the best of the best facilities for the teams as well as the visitors. There is a great clubhouse with delicious food, beach access and large grass rigging area to entertain the visitors. Continue reading “Adelaide Laser Nationals 2017 Entries”