Britain Wins 6 Medals

The sailors of Britain concluded their first and foremost World Cup regatta of the cycle in 2020 with 6 medals. The Sailing World Cup was drawn to a close on Sunday on Biscayne Bay.

However Saskia Tidey, the Irish Olympian was not a part of the medal achievers. He has now chosen to do a campaign for GB Team for Tokyo 2020. Tidey and her skipper Charlotte Dobson finished at 11th from 16th place.

The National Yacht Club champion Finn Lynch made his first entry in the World Cup in 2017 and was the youngest Olympic player in Rio. At the age of 20 he completed Miami World Cup by achieving the 34th position.

During the last couple of races played by him, he achieved good results in top 20 and also got a yellow flag at the beginning in one of the races. The native of Carlow says he is still hoping to see great results in the rest of the season, especially after they’ve ha a chance to practice on a Greece Yacht Charter in April.

Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell won gold. This was the first time for them as they took part only in the autumn and made their first appearance in the World Cup class. Fletcher and Bithell had achieved gold prior to reaching to the medal races with a total win of 5 with top 10 finishes in 13 races. Bithell expressed his views and said that when they sailed together they did put in efforts that showed unbelievable outcomes.

In addition to this, Ben Saxton and Nicola Groves in the Nacra 17 event and Tom Phipps and Nikki Boniface won 2 more silver medals as well as a bronze one from medal racing. The first British Medal on the last day was captured by Lorenzo Chiavarini in the leapfrogging compatriot and laser class. Ben Cornish began from the Finn Medal Race and came through in silver medal position.