Sailing Rivals Become Partners

It is often said that when a problem is shared it becomes halved.

However, it might seem strange if not impossible that two rival teams who are part of the 52 Super Series would put their heads together to come up with the right strategies to win in such a contest. One of the shared visions is that the problems on waters affect all boats and understanding how obstacles can be overcome can be beneficial for all.

Quantum Racing and Platoon are two professional teams that have been topping this category for some time. However, as Ed Reynolds, president of Quantum Sails pointed out, he said that things had to be looked at differently. If one could look at other teams as partners, then one could work together to understand the challenges that exist and prevent teams from reaching success beyond a point.

Ed stated that he was impressed with what Harm Muller was trying to achieve with Platoon. He was a good sailor who wanted to take their proficiency to the next level. Being partners would benefit both teams and they could help each other in stepping up their training which in turn would boost performances for both teams. Both heads of the teams then sat down and shared the data and knowledge that they had accumulated. This was to be their agenda in 2016 whereby they would help each other to improve respective performance levels.

Both teams chose to try the process with eyes open whereby they would be able to see better results in performances of the boats and the team members. The process did have its benefits and it removed all obstacles from the way. Both teams were transparent and decided to have briefings in the mornings and debrief post a race. They also share what they do in the testing and tuning sessions as well.