Noumea Race Back To CYCA Calendar

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) has announced the introduction of the Sydney Noumea Race in 2018.

The race has been reintroduced in the CYCA after the long break of 20 years. Information about the event is now available website of the club and it can be downloaded from there.

The race will be conducted and organized by CYCA in association with Cercle Nautique Caledonien (CNC). It will be a 1064 nautical mile race and will get started from Sydney Harbor on 2 June, 2018. The race is open to yachts of monohull that measures between 9 and 30.48 meters. It will also hold a cruising boat rally on the occasion. In addition to CYCA, Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane sailing clubs are also taking part in races to Noumea in tandem along with the Noumea Race of Sydney.

Justine Kirkjian, Sailing Manager of CYCA, said, “Introduction of Cat 1 race in the 2017 sailing calendar is exciting for us. We are expecting blue water competitors will take part in this race too with enthusiasm. It will also be a new exciting championship for those who have never been the part of this race.”

The race has been included in CYCA not just because of the decision of the authorities, but it was the demand of the sailors. CYCA did a survey of club members and there they came to know people want reintroduction of Noumea Race. Following the gap of twenty years, it was hard for organizer to conduct Noumea Race. But, management team worked hard and finally made it. Commodore of CYCA John Markos forwarded his wishes to organizing team and CNC team for assisting CYCA in the task.

Noumea is a popular sailing spot with scenic; the race will give opportunity for sailors to race and enjoy the weather condition of the place. Also, it would be like a holiday for many.