Yacht destroyed in fire

A yacht moored at Yacht Haven Grande caught fire and burned to ashes today; leaving almost nothing apart from the shell. It was not revealed as what was the cause of the fire, still Yacht Haven Manager, Charlie Irons, stated that the fire could not be contained.

A statement given by Mr. Irons said that earlier today, a fire took place on a boat at The Yacht Haven Grande Marina. It is believed that all parties are safe with no injuries. The marina crew as well as security team replied immediately along with emergency services. Due to the nature of the fire, it could not be extinguished.

Mr. Irons added that in order to check the safety of neighboring vessels as well as their crews, the United States Coast Guard relocated the yacht to a safe location where authorities continue to manage and contain the incident.

The Consortium had a chat with the officials at www.plainsailing.com earlier this afternoon, who witnessed and took part in containing the blaze, with the Virgin Islands Fire Service, as well as firefighting crews from Norwegian Escape, and also teams from the Carnival Valor and MSC Divina.

W.I.C.O.’s director of security Roy Moorehead told that it was around 1:10 pm. when he was called by Mr. Irons to help Yacht Haven. Mr. Moorehead immediately put a full slate of W.I.C.O. personnel, including supervisors, managers as well as other team players to help in the effort.

The Norwegian Cruise Lines shipped a firefighters crew to help in the containment action. And within fifteen minutes of being asked to serve, Mr. Moorehead told that the V.I. Fire Service came on the scene, bringing in even more professionalism to the attempt.