Challenges In Sailing In Rio

With full focus on how the sailors are preparing for the upcoming Games Rio de Janeiro, the sailing venue is always a different place, away from the central hub of where the other games are played.

However, the organizers of this year’s Olympics wanted to put the sailing events in the center and not keep them exiled to the port or bay area while the other games proceeded in the main arenas.

While the organizers have put in considerable effort, the final outcome is not as much as they had originally planned for. For instance, there is floating debris as well as waters polluted by sewage that threaten to disrupt the sailing on the Guanabara Bay waters. The stunning setting on the bay has this issue as the main concern for the Olympic Regatta.

There would be courses that are designed to follow race tracks which can be witnessed from the surrounding hilltops, beaches and buildings in the nearby areas – whilst it won’t be quite as beautiful as a Croatian Yacht Charter, it will still be pretty stunning. However, the water issue remains to be a major concern for the sailors. Many sailors state that the venue and its water and weather conditions are great for sailing. That is what the organizers also feel confident about.

Indeed, the challenges would be many at the sailing venue. There would be a different mix of winds as well as currents and waves that the sailors feel would be challenging and make the competitions unpredictable at many levels. There would be races held between July 9th to July 18th.

Three courses lie inside the bay area while two other courses would be outside the bay area. When the test regattas were held last year at Rio those who were specialists in light wind were facing a tough time holding against the heavy winds that blow across the bay area at this time of the year.