Sydney Hobart Race to see strong pack

The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015 entries have officially shut down with hundred and eleven yachts having participated the testing 628 nautical mile classic, consisting of 83 vessels covering each state of Australia as well as 28 international teams representing ten countries.

Total number of entries for this seventy-first edition of the race is only 6 short of previous year’s special 70th season. Otherwise, numbers exceed each Sydney Hobart this century, aside from the sixtieth race in the year 2004, when hundred and sixteen boats faced the order of the starters.

John Cameron, the Commodore of host Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, stated that they are seeing a resurgence of the best sport in the world that is verified by the statistics of hundred and entries, including 28 from across the world and 6 women captains.

Cameron added that the strength of the field is magnificent. Four super-maxis, Rambler88 as well as the Volvo 70s at the pointy end as well as tough contenders for Tattersalls Cup, with previous year’s champ, Wild Rose, there to keep the fleet honest. And the twelve-strong Clipper group will bring the same colorful presentation to the race as it did in the year 2013, and again through the summer for Rent a yacht Greece.

They are all looking ahead to a very exciting program, with adrenaline pumping from the beginning on Boxing Day, to the last yacht ending in the Derwent River.

This time, international teams have done beyond their expectations, such as United Kingdom and China along with United States, Netherlands, Germany, Russia and Belgium among others.