17 thoughts on “Superyacht Leander offered for Charter with Peter Insull’s Yacht Charter

  1. for thos’es that say the interior is bad !!!!!! EH EH that is class take
    A nother look may be i’ll get to you!

  2. beautiful!!!beautiful yacht great video make’s one dream i wouldn’t sale
    or charter it if it was mine wish I had that kind of money!!!!!!!

  3. well since my last name is Leandre’. I think I need to charter this puppy.
    where does she sail?ok…I know the dingy part is more my style but
    wouldn’t anyone want to chip in ona once in a lifetime

  4. Leander will accommodate up to 22 guests, but for charter purposes it’s
    restricted to 12. Chartering for 13 or more guests reclassifies a private
    yacht into a ‘passenger vessel’ category.

  5. Sadly you will not be able to fly the white Ensign tho unless you get
    special permission by the RYS (member on board)

  6. I THINK (but I’m not positive) that flying the White Ensign is
    automatically allowed since the Leander has been awarded it as a member
    yacht, but the Royal Yacht Squadron member can REVOKE permission. That’s
    how it was explained to me, you don’t need permission, but it can be taken
    away. But it’s a very good point you brought up.

  7. Such a beautiful ship !!! Yet interior… Probably just a question of
    taste. It ruined my fantasy. Sorry.

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