One thought on “Aletheia – Luxury BVI Catamaran Crewed Yacht Charter

  1. A group of 5 couples that we booked aboard Aletheia in January, 2014 said:

    Was a perfect vacation. Boat was awesome. Plenty of space and rooms were
    amazing. Everything we needed including toys to play in the water. The
    locations and choices for stops were great. We had a great mix of private
    relaxing beaches, quick tours, snorkeling and party days. The food was
    incredible. Meals and drinks were perfect. Great variety and never needed
    anything different. Perhaps the best two highlights go hand in hand. First
    being the amazing crew. Tough to call them a crew because they were part of
    the experience more than being the crew. Fun to be around, experts at what
    they do, helped with every want or need. All three. Couldn’t imagine the
    trip without them. Second highlight because they were so amazing, it was
    the first vacation (and perhaps first week of adult life) we really didn’t
    have to make any decisions. It was all taken care of by Donald, Audrey and
    Kyle. All in all – the best vacation ever – hands down. Appreciate your
    help and guidance. We will try to do this again with the kids because they
    would love it.


    Honestly, I can say this was one of, if not the, best trips of my life.
    Donald, Audrey and Kyle did such a fabulous time of making sure that our
    entire group truly relaxed and entertained! From the food, the activities
    and the sites we saw – it was just amazing! Most times on vacation – by the
    end people are ready to “go home”, but not on this one. Thanks again for
    all of your help.

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